Basic design of your application, with your logo and colors.
About your business / App.
Video and photo gallery.
Social sharing.
Contact via app.
Sound elements, use of camera / photos.
  Admob banners.

Our $499 APP services are designed for a broader market, not just for big corporations. We are dedicated to making it so even a small business or an average Joe can own an app because websites are slowly becoming history. If you wish to make a basic app to serve as a representation of your business, such as a restaurant, coffee shop, hair salon, or any other business, then this is right for you! With this starter package, you will have the basic information about your company integrated with Google maps, which will also allow you direct contact with the app and an option to connect your app through social media.
Your app will also have video clips and a gallery with your pictures. If you wish to profit from your app, we can add Google AdMob banners and publish them with Playstore/Appstore.

Apps like : Medicine Reminder App, Restaurant Finder, Simple Game

Starter App elements included
Advanced design with your logo and colors.
E-mail or social login.
Geolocation and google maps.
Rating system.
Accept payments
Search functions.
 Calendar integration

This is our most popular package. For only $1,999, you will get everything from the Starter package + an advanced design with your selected colors and logo. If you desire any form of app login, we will build a custom email or social media login for you (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn). Your visitors will have an option to rate your business and leave feedback. On top of everything, if you need a payment option, we will integrate it into your app so anyone can make a payment to your business through your app. Your clients will be able to surf smoothly through your app with the search option we install. We can also implement a reminder for all of your clients, so your app can send them news or updates of your company straight to their phone notifications.

Apps like: Personal Fitness tracker, Hotel Ratings, In-app Payments

Advanced app elements included.
Exclusive design with your logo and colors..
Shopping cart.
Integration of your xml services.
Database manipulation.
Admin moderation.

FINALLY, we suggest you select this package, because here you can find everything in the Starter and Advanced packages combined with the ability for you to take complete control of the project, just the way you always wished you could do. No limitations: your designs, your idea, your vision. We offer a shopping card integration so your clients can shop your products straight through your app.
We mirror your website functions through XML/REST feeds and database. We also set up your database to work on 24-hour updates through CMS so you can update anything on your website with your app.

Apps like : Shopping Card, Database Integration, Admin CMS

Lets Bring Your Ideas to Reality!

Great User Interface

First impressions are everything. People judge books by their covers, and apps within the first few seconds of usage.

Quick Setup

You don't need to write a single line of code to create your app, We will craft the masterpiece for your business.

Universal Compatiblility

When creating your mobile app, We pay attention to the features and traits of the platform, as well as the guidelines and work environment.

High Performance

Winning apps are also high performing and consistent. Apps that constantly freeze are disregarded by users.

Best Customer Support

We love to support our customers, be it a small issue or a major fallback. Our support team are always vigilant and available.

Proven Track Record

Carry out necessary research and ask questions. In order to be one of the top app development companies, we strive to ensure that you leave your clients as satisfied as possible.


At P2P Developers we believe that everyone has a unique and innovative purpose to contribute to society–but unfortunately, not everyone has the funds to make these dreams a reality. We started this company with the mission of equipping everyone with the resources and a dedicated team to back ventures and build successful businesses at the lowest cost for entrepreneurs. We do this by overlooking the market quota and giving you the minimal evaluation for the highest quality product!

Although we pride our selves on low prices for high quality applications, we understand that everyone has different financial obligations and restrictions, so we allow you to buy, rent, or lease your app! Bad credit or no credit, we believe in innovations, so we work with your individual financial situation to ensure that you have a product you can take to market or investors!